Tantric Temple

TANTRA literally means “The Great Weaving” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. In my teachings, Tantra is a weaving our sexual energy with conscious breath-work, energy awareness, heart opening and spiritual presence. This journey into Sexual Empowerment and Spiritual Transformation begins WITHIN, through a Solo Practice of the Tantric Arts articulated for a modern world.

Some of the curriculum may include

• Redefining “Love and Intimacy”: A Crash Course in Modern Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

• Sexual Healing: Get to the Root of the Issue to Release Mental, Emotional and Energetic Blocks

• Welcome to your Energy Body: An Introduction to the Chakra System

• Tantric Breath Work: The Secret to Moving and Improving Sexual Energy

• Sexual Anatomy & Physiology: Discover Hidden Tantric “Love Spots”

• Self-Love: Deepen Your Relationship with the Beloved Within to Attract More Love and Intimacy into Your Life

Every Session is UNIQUE and tailored to suit the students needs.

During our time together the Dakini may offer:

• A Review of your Sexual Health History and Relationship Patterns

• Verbal Education and Optional Homeplay Exercises

• Practices to Recognize Energy Flow in the Body

• Yoga Postures, Creative Movement and Dance

• Guided Meditations and Visualizations

• Tantric Breath Work Exercises

• Recommendations of Dietary and Lifestyle Changes for Sexual Health and Well-being

• Intuitive Spiritual Transmissions from the Love Shaman

• Divine Loving Presence and a Container of Sacred Space