Women Sacred Sexuality Program

Jade Temple Sacred Sensuality program allows women to shed the layers of repression and judgment that has often left women disconnected from their natural states of being. A state of divine sensuality in which a woman can stand in her own power and feel completely comfortable in her own skin.

Our program is tailor made to suit the needs and expectations of each individual woman that we meet. We understand that the power of transformation lies in the understanding of yourself at your own core – that self that is unique and multifaceted. The following is a guide on what to expect in our Introductory sessions. Generally you will need at least 3 introductory sessions depending on your personal needs to cover the following:

  • intro to Taoist and Tantric philosophy
  • intro to kundalini awakening
  • meditation and visualization
  • chakra awareness and balancing
  • yoga asana or body posture
  • sacred breath-work or pranayama
  • body dynamics and body flow
  • energetic clearing
  • sensual movement
  • goddess initiation and self worship
  • discovering the inner goddess and the art of allure
  • awareness of the microcosmic orbit
  • techniques for attuning to your lover
  • intro to pelvic floor awareness
  • intro to pelvic floor parts – Vajroli Mudra, Moola Bandha and Ashwini Mudra
  • sexual enhancement techniques for foreplay and lovemaking.
  • Taoist love meridians and pressure points
  • yoni/sacred space connection and meditation
  • yoni/sacred space strengthening exercises
  • ovarian breathing

All of this is centered around massage and body work to release deep seated blockages and wounds, slowly allowing you to step into your full potential.

These experiential sessions are for those who wish to progress to a more intimate level on their tantra journey. They can be done with a female practitioner or a male practitioner and revolve around a sensual body to body massage on a futon bed. You will be introduced to new practices and techniques, building on what you learnt previously as well as exploring a variety of Kama Sutra positions such as Yab-Yum. These sessions are about total surrender, accessing deep states of bliss and bringing your entire body back into a state of sensual pleasure.

From here you can continue the journey in a number of ways, accessing deeper states of bliss and ultimately experiencing the expanded states of Sacred Union. In our advanced sessions the goddess/god will guide you through various techniques to help you become the best lover you can be while you simultaneously access your own deep states of sensuality. This kind of mutual experience can only be mastered when one has mastered their own energies first. It is imperative to first build a close bond with the goddess/god in previous sessions to truly reap the benefits of these immensely intimate and soul awakening sessions..